NexAquire is sponsored to identify and acquire digital marketing and technology SaaS companies with the potential for rapid growth

NexAcquire is an operator-led investment team that is sponsored by Insignia Capital Group to acquire opportunities in several key market segments including SaaS technology businesses that service the enterprise market and focus on but are not limited to Digital Media, Martech and Adtech. Our goal is to build a business with $100 million+ of revenue covering one or more industry verticals via acquisition, partnership and organic revenue growth. 

NexAcquire and Insignia are committed to drive transformation and growth. We seek companies with strong management teams, actionable business strategies in need of financial and human capital to fund their business plans, and sufficient scale to achieve their competitive advantage. 

​We bring more than capital to the table, we bring operational expertise. Our team includes leadership with a proven history of achieving IPOs and strategic exits. We work alongside existing management to command substantial growth, lead strategic pivots and introduce additional acquisitions that create faster scale. We focus on people and culture in addition to business metrics and build real value for the customers, employees and shareholders alike.

Investment Thesis


SaaS products complimented by services capable of deepening customer penetration and a recognized pivot opportunity. 
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Operator-led investment team sponsored by serious investors that is determined to acquire and operate target companies.
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$350 million private equity sponsor plans to commit up to $50 million to NexAcquire.

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Proven CEO with both capital and transaction and turn-around and growth experience that is supported by an advanced leadership team. 
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